Announcing the Britwind H15
MCS Accredited & Ready for the future.

The new H15 turbine from UK Manufacturers Britwind is one of the only micro wind turbines that still offers sound economics as well as green credentials.

This turbine comes in two variants: high wind speed (Class II) and low wind speed (Class IV).

It is available to purchase now, or if you prefer, we can operate the turbine on your land.

Micro-generation Certification Scheme - Wind Turbines (Sub 50kW)

All our turbines in the sub 50kW wind turbine range are part of the MCS accrediation scheme. These turbines are suitable for connection to small farms and other rural properties.

With the reduced Feed-In-Tariff, it is more important than ever to match your generation to your consumption. The MCS range of turbines provides you with the best opportunity to do so.

Britwind H15 (15kW)

13.1m rotor, 15m, 18m tower

A fantastic new model based on the time tested sturdy design of the R9000.

Best MCS

Britwind R9000 (5kW)

5.5m rotor, 15m tower

This bomb proof little turbine will ride out any storm! Installed extensively on the islands.

Evoco (10kW)

9.2m rotor, 15m tower

Unfortunately due to ongoing technical problems, this turbine is no longer available to purchase. Support can be found on the Evoco Owners Forum.

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