Evoco 10 - 10kW Wind Turbine - DISCONTINUED

The Evoco 10, was a very promising 10kW MCS accredited turbine made by a joint venture between Evoco Energy in Brighouse, UK and Ginlong in China.

Since acheiving MCS accreditation at the beginning of 2011, over 150 Evoco 10 turbines have been installed in the UK.

Unfortunately, the turbine encountered a series of technical issues, which Evoco tried hard to solve, rolling out upgrade after upgrade. The most recent issue concerns the blade root bearings and appears to have been too much for Evoco to cope with. As a result Evoco has since gone into administration.

Scaled Energy have a small number of Evoco customers who we continue to support. We have also set up the Evoco Owners' Forum to enable our customers and other Evoco owners to communicate with each other, share knowledge and experiences and to find solutions to technical problems encountered.

If you are an Evoco wind turbine owner, you are welcome to join the forum. Please contribute constructively.

Evoco Owners Forum

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