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Using our purpose built limiting system, Scaled Energy have connected over 15 E1320 wind turbines on connections with an export limit of 50kW.

Endurance E4660 - 85kW Wind Turbine

The Endurance E4660 wind turbine is the big brother of the E3120 designed to produce 35% more energy in most windspeeds. The E4660 generates renewable energy efficiently, reliably, safely, and quietly. This turbine is also ideal for larger farms, schools, hospitals and commercial/industrial sites.

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Key Specs
  • 85kW at 15m/s
  • Extremely Quiet
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  • Larger 23.5m rotor
  • 35% more energy
  • Fantastic R.O.I
  • Bankable & Insurable

Power Curve

Power Curve

Annual Energy Production (AEP)

Annual Energy Production (AEP Chart)


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E4660 Specifications

Annual Energy Production (AEP)

Annual Average Hub Height Wind Speed (m/s) Annual Energy Production (kWh)
4.5 117600
5.0 154200
5.5 192900
6.0 231600
6.5 267700
7.0 303900
7.5 335600
8.0 367300
8.5 393700
Configuration 3 blades, horizontal axis, downwind
Rated power @ 15 m/s 85 kW
OFGEM TIC/DNC (kW): 98 kW / 97 kW
Applications Direct grid-tie
Rotor speed 33 rpm
Maximum Average Wind Speed (m/s) 8.5 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 25 m/s (56 mph)
Survival wind speed 59.5 m/s (133 mph)
Overall weight 6,200 kg (13,700 lbs)
Rotor diameter 23.5m
Swept area 434m² (4660 ft²)
Blade material Fiberglass Composite
Power regulation Stall control (constant speed)
Type Induction Generator
Configuration 3Φ, 400 VAC @ 50 Hz
Brake & Safety Systems
Main brake system Rapid fail-safe dual mechanical brakes
Secondary safety Pitch control system

(for over-speed regulation)

using passive, spring-loaded mechanism

Automatic shut down

triggered by

- High wind speed

- Grid failure

- Over-speed

- All other fault conditions

Control System Programmable logic controller (PLC)
User Interface Wireless or wired networked software

interface for remote monitoring and control

Turbine & controls 5 years parts and labour
Types Free-standing monopole: 24m (80ft),36.5 m (120 ft)
Maintenance access Safe climbing system
Working space inside the nacelle
Tower-top work platform
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