Evance R9000 - 5kW Wind Turbine

The R9000 small wind turbine is the result of over 10 years of development and has been system engineered to ensure maximum energy yield and durability.

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The Evance R9000 is an ideal wind turbine for schools, community organisations, small farms or crofts and domestic use.

Other rural businesses such as caravan parks and holiday homes have had real success with the Evance wind turbines. With now over 600 turbines installed and an unrivalled track record of reliability and generation.

Through specific design, the R9000 is able to capture more energy at lower wind speeds making it the most efficient 5kW turbine available. The turbine's reliability is backed by millions of operating hours in the field.


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Annual Energy Production (AEP)

The energy production of the Evance R9000 is affected by the average annual wind speed that it experiences. The chart below shows the estimated annual generation of the Evance R9000 wind turbine at varying annual mean wind speeds.

Evance R9000 - Annual Energy Production (AEP)
Example wind speeds (at hub height):
  • 4.5m/s: 6,983kWh
  • 5.5m/s: 11,416kWh
  • 6.5m/s: 15,820kWh


Architecture Upwind, 3 bladed rotor, self regulating
Rated Power 5kW @12m/s (26.8mph), continuous to 60m/s (134mph)
BWEA Reference Power 4711W (power output at 11m/s (24.6 mph))
Annual Energy Yield 9167kWh with Annual Mean Wind Speed (AMWS) of 5m/s (11.2mph) (to IEC & BWEA Standards)
Cut-In Wind Speed 3m/s (6.7mph)
Cut-Out Wind Speed None. Continuous generation to survival wind speed
Survival Wind Speed 60m/s (134mph)
IEC Turbine Class Conforms to IEC 61400 to Class II – AMWS up to 8.5m/s (19mph)
Control System Patented Reactive Pitch™ control
Rotor Diameter 5.5m (18’)
Rotor Speed 200rpm nominal
Blade Type Fully optimised aerofoil ensuring maximum yield & minimum noise
Blade Material Glass fibre reinforced composite, low reflection, UV & anti-erosion coatings
Generator Patented brushless direct drive, air-cored high efficiency Permanent Magnet Alternator
Gearbox None required (see generator)
Emergency Braking Patented automatic ElectroBrake™ (with manual control for servicing). No moving parts.
Yaw Control Passive tail vane and rotor
Tower Height 10m, 12m, 15m & 18m (33’, 40’, 50’ & 60’)
Tower Types Free-standing (monopole), hydraulic RAM & Gin pole tilt
Tower Foundation Root & pad options
Tower Top Mass 325kg (715lbs) complete (excl tower)
Design Longevity 20 years minimum. Regular service inspections.
Number of Turbines Distance Distance Distance
1 x R9000 134m 107m 77m
2 x R9000 187m 150m 107m
3 x R9000 227m 182m 131m
All sound pressure levels are LA,90, based on a wind speed of 10m/s at 10m height.
Operating Temperature Range -20˚C - +50˚C
Warranty 5 years


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