Britwind H15 Wind Turbine

The Britwind H15 is a state of the art small wind turbine, designed by the same team that developed the market leading Britwind R9000 wind turbine.

The whole concept of the Britwind H15 has been has been engineered with robustness, high reliability and low maintenance in mind, with the only wearing parts being the rotor bearing, the yaw bearing and the anemometer.

The turbine also has class leading performance to installed cost ratio.

There are two versions of the turbine; the Class II (as per IEC 61400-2) for the windiest sites, and the large rotor Class IV, which has exceptional performance at lower wind speeds.

MCS accredited and Feed-In-Tariff eligible ** (pending final report)

Key Specs
  • 15kW
  • 15m,18m Tower
  • Incredibly Quiet
Strong Pedigree
  • British Design
  • British Manufacture
  • 10 years UK operation
  • Best MCS Yield
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Affordable & Insurable

The most innovative wind turbine in the world, bringing the performance of a big wind turbine to a small wind turbine. The horizontal-axis H15 has a power rating of 15kW and hub heights of 15m, 18.5m and 19m. It’s a massive step-change in terms of efficiency and cost and a radical transformation for the industry. The H15 has achieved final MCS accreditation.

There are 2 models available:

  • The class II, which has a rotor diameter of 10.4m and is suitable for high wind sites.
  • The class IV, which has a rotor diameter of 13.1m and is suitable for sites with an annual average wind speed upto 6.5m/s.
Own your own H15
  • Offset your consumption
  • Make a modest, but worthwhile return on investment
  • Take a step towards energy independence
  • Play your part in taking care of the planet
Allow us to install one on your land
  • Earn a small amount of money or benefit from free electricity
  • No cost or risk to you
  • Safe and Fair


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