Operations and Maintanance

As part of the Renewables Ring, Scaled Energy offers a comprehensive operations maintenance service for solar parks, agricultural and commercial installations.

We currently look after over 100MW of solar across the UK

Our skills and experience of installations, operations and maintenance across our range of renewable energy technologies in addition to our manufacturing and panel building capability means we understand every component and connection.

We offer response times from 4 hours

  • Team of multi-skilled technicians and engineers
  • Vans, quad bikes, tools and equipment owned in house
  • Able to respond from Edinburgh and Perthshire.
  • In house and sub-contract electricians.
  • In house and sub-contract HV technicians.
  • Network of local first-responders.

The Renewables Ring 4 step approach to solar park maintenance:

  • Regular inspections, monthlty, quarterly and every 6 months, including ground keeping, panel cleaning and checking for shade.
  • Annual Service Packages
  • Unscheduled repairs and rapid response
  • Maintaining service and security: Online monitoring of your generation asset alongside CCTV.

Multi-Skilled Technicians
Rapid Response
Annual Service Packages


0131 510 1401
0131 510 1401