Commercial / Agricultural solar panel installations

Scaled Energy develop commercial wind and solar projects for customers throughout the UK. In 2010, we expanded our capability to include solar photovoltaics (PV). We have carried out throughout the UK, however the majority of our work is in Scotland and Northern England.

Solar PV is a simple way to generate your own electricity on site and offset your electricity usage. Our team has the required specialist technical and commercial experience to ensure that and each system is designed to maximise returns and meet your requirements. Our project development capability on PV goes in to the MW range.

Installing a solar PV system will allow you to:

  • Save on running costs
  • Benefit from tax-free, inflation-linked returns for the next 20 years
  • Lower carbon emissions and demonstrate your green credentials to customers, suppliers and industry
  • Generate an income from unused roof space
  • Make the most of the opportunities available in these tough economic times. 

Our solar installations range in size and type to include:

  • Ground mounted sytems
  • Pitched and Flat roof mounted systems for almost all roof types
  • Ballasted roof mounted systems (Non penetrating, good for flat roofs)

Own your installation
  • Best returns
  • Full long term benefit
  • Predictable generation
  • Total control
Rent your land / roof
  • No cost to you
  • Regular, reliable payments
  • Low impact
  • Simple rental agreement

Roof Mounted, Pitched Roofs

Pitched roof mounted solar pv systems are the most economical method of implementing a solar installations because no additional structures are required, and often planning permission is not required. Roof mounted installations are typically 50kWp (200 panels) but almost always <200kWp due to space constraints.

Your best option may be roof-mounted solar if the following criteria are met:

  • Your roof is south facing (other aspects are possible, but production will be lower)
  • There are no significant obstructions that cast shadow on your roof such as nearby trees, buildings, or hills
  • There are few obstructions present on the roof itself such as chimneys or skylights. The installation will have to planned around these and becomes more complex.
  • There is adequate room remaining to host the solar installation. We can size your installation according to the space available.
  • Offers the best returns

The pitch and orientation of your roof will affect the generation of your system. Performance can be estimated prior to installation as part of the project feasibility. Options exist for flat roof mounting.

Flat Roof and Ballasted Mounting Systems

Mounting solar PV systems on flat roofs presents an number of advantages and challenges. Flat roof mounted systems can be optimised for pitch and orientation to obtain the best results for generation. The mounting systems used and the structural integration with the roof is where special attention should be paid.

  • A structurally attached system is where the mounting system is secured to the building structure and requires roof penetrations.
  • A ballasted system is where the mounting system is secured to the roof using weight alone. These systems typically have a low pitch (20 degrees) in order to reduce wind loading. The capacity of the roof to support the additional load must also be carefully considered.
  • Hybrid, or minimally attached systems are possible where the mounting system is a combination of secure fixings and ballasted and have pros and cons.

Ground Mounted

Ground mounted solar is typically the preferred option where a larger capacity installation is required. A large capacity system can occupy a relatively small area of land. Typically ground mounted solar installations have a higher capital cost than roof mounted, due to civils, trenching and mounting requirements. Additionally planning permission is normally required prior to installation.

Some reasons to opt for a ground mounted solar system are:

  • There is not an adequate amount of space on your roof to host a system of the required size.
  • Your roof is not structurally suitable
  • Your roof has a pitch and orientation that is sub-optimal.
  • There is excessive shading on your roof, or your roof contains too many obstructions.

Land / Roof Rental

With all the above options, perhaps the best option for you is to allow us to own and operate the solar installation on your land in exchange for a rent or other benefits such as long term low cost electricity. All land lease projects have their unique requirements, so please get in touch with us so we can consider your requirements.


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Solar Ownership Returns

System Size (kW) AEP (kWh) Annual Income
4 3,708
10 9,270
30 27,810
50 46,350
100 92,700
150 139,050
200 185,400
250 231,750
500 463,500
1000 927,000
Assumptions made: no shading, 30 degree tilt, south facing, 50% exported power, location Edinburgh area

Solar Roof Rental Returns

System Size (kW) Annual Income
50 Rental income dependent on predicted annual generation and roof type / installation costs.

Solar Land Rental Returns

Land Area (acres) Annual Income
Rental fee per acre dependent on predicted annual generation, which is dependent on location.
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