Energy Storage

Energy Storage is a vital part of the UK's future energy system. The reduction in the government incentives for renewables alongside the expected significant rise in enegy costs (due to availbility) over the next few years energy storage has never been so important.

Whether you are looking for a way to improve the economics of a renewable energy project or for security of supply, or simply to aim for energy independence, energy storage plays a vital part.

With technologies currently available and newly on the market, you can already achieve a great deal however there are many ways to get it wrong. We at Scaled Energy can design an energy storage system most appropriate to your needs and help source the right products.

Heat Batteries

Heat Batteries are a new technology and bring compact design and some incredible performance characteristics to energy storage in heat. The batteries from Sunamp have a compact design and pack a high energy density. They represent a cost effective, long term and reliable way of storing your renewable energy (or night time rate) energy in a compact format and without the need for large immersion heaters.

This technology represents a significant break through for energy storage and is superbly simple. You can expect a 7 to 10 year payback in most instances, backed up by a 10 year warranty.

The low capital cost and easy installation make this an easy first step. We can help determine if this is a suitable product for you.

Battery Storage Systems

With the advent of high profile product launches and big promises from companies like Tesla, with their power wall, battery based energy storage is being talked about once again. This may seem ground breaking, but battery based energy storage has been available for some years. Now batteries are reducing in price, such systems are more relevant than they ever have been, from domestic scale back up power to MW smoothing for solar farms break throughs are being made every day.

Again, understanding how to size and integrate this type of technology in to your system in a cost effective and future proof way is more than half the battle. It is easy to get it wrong. We can help you get it right. Using the latest modelling and design tools, combined with our ability to throroughly assess your energy use we can help design the appropriate system for your needs.

Research & Development

Building on our strong understanding of client energy use and measurement, along with our operational energy measurement data we have been able to identify opportunities within the emerging energy storage market. We are developing solutions to suit. Watch this space for news of our upcoming projects.


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