Operational Energy Measurement

Operational Use Data

Record - The first step of an energy efficiency plan is to gather data about existing energy use; electricity, heat and water.

Analyse - Key variables such as energy use per square meter can then be interpreted to pin point wastage.

React - Changes can then be made, verified and validated, saving you money by making smart energy decisions.

The finer the detail collected, the more confident you can be in the savings projected.

Better Data = Informed Choices = Less Waste

High frequency data collection of power, heat, water and other telemetry data.

  • Up to 2000 simultaneous measurements
  • Accurate and informative
  • Data stored locally and in the cloud.

Energy Dashboard ™

Your live interface to your data.

Scaled Energy's system securely stores your operational energy use data making it available to you through our Energy Dashboard ™. This data is then analysed and specific reports are generated as part of a tailored service to help you refine your energy efficiency plan.

Our platform interfaces with all the main industry devices to collect data and present it in a concise and coherent way, enabling you to make informed decisions.


Provides the user with all the data needed to understand trends and make comparisons across time and multiple variables.


Shows real-time information and can alert you to deviations from acceptable standards; very useful in the early stages of the verification process.


Helps the user identify opportunities for further analysis, although it does not provide all the detailed information needed to make complex decisions.

Smart Meters

Smart meters are an easy first step to monitoring and understanding your energy use.

The smart meters from NetThings provide a high precision, instant and local interface to your energy data in a cost effective and easy to install package. The data interface is compatible with our energy dashboard. Although these devices are limited to a maximum of 3 simultaneous measurements, multiple devices can be used for targetted measurement and analysis.

Operational use data can help most typical energy users

The typical domestic energy user:

For most people, their energy use is a bit of a mystery. Every month or quarter, we receive a bill telling how much we have used and how much it will cost us. For most of us, it's not even accurate and we don't read it; we blindly pay by direct debit, happily uninformed about the amount of energy being used.

The typical commercial user:

As your energy needs grow, the way you manage your consumption changes. Typically, energy users with a 30kW or higher peak demand have half hourly metering. This allows the power company to itemise your bill in half hourly chunks and manage their energy purchasing on a half hourly basis on a national scale. Although this is more helpful than a quarterly bill, it does not immediately and unequivocally allow the user to determine exactly when and where energy is being used.

Medium to large scale user:

The large scale energy user will typically have a large Low Voltage (LV) transformer of several hundred kW rating or a High Voltage (HV) supply at 11 thousand volts or more (11kV). For this scale of business there is usually a role assigned to managing energy use within the organisation. For most, this is a challenging task as there are few tools which provide a detailed enough analysis of where and when their energy is being used.


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